Newsletter, November 3, 2022

(Update 2022 11 07)

The NCGM was the first naturist activity organization in the Montreal region to publish on its website a complete schedule of activities for the fall 2022 season. Four activities have been scheduled, some of which are offered through suppliers who have already been welcoming naturists for several years. These activities are as follows: Swimming pool in Repentigny, Swimming pool in Montérégie, Spa Laurentides and Bowling in Laval.

Affiliation à la FCN (Federation of Canadian Naturists)

In the fall of 2021, during the creation of the CNGM and its new provisional website, the designer of the website had put a sentence on the home page displaying an alleged affiliation of the FCN and the FQN with their respective logos. The FQN asked us to remove their logo. However, the FCN sent us congratulations with an invitation to become a corporate member of the FCN. We accepted FCN’s offer. Then, the existence of our club was published on the FCN website and in the magazine Au Naturel. Thanks to this, our club now has several new English-speaking members from the Montreal area.

At the CNGM, we believe that any naturist federation should have as its main mandate to promote naturism in diversity by supporting the many naturist initiatives including groups, clubs, social media, etc.

Beginning of fall activities

On October 8, our first swimming activity took place in Repentigny with the participation of 12 people, including 5 people who participated for the first time in an urban naturist activity. Despite the small size of the pool, some participants practiced lap swimming. Others benefited from the aqua fitness session offered by the supervisor. A photograph with permission was taken and shared in our NCGM Facebook group. Unfortunately, our second swim on October 29 in Repentigny was canceled because we did not have enough registrations.

Our famous Spa Laurentides activity which was to take place on October 21 has also been canceled due to lack of registration. Particularly for this activity, we want it to be completely self-financed. Hopefully our next activity on December 2 will take place. It’s up to members to register, club volunteers have done their part, encourage them!

Swimming in Montérégie

November 12 will be an important date to remember because it will be our first big swimming activity for the club and it will take place in Sainte-Julie in Montérégie. Since our club is still in its infancy, it is obvious that this pool will not be filled to capacity. Our priority is to make the event very successful: installation of tarps to cover the windows, installation of the volleyball net, preparation of the swimming lanes, animation of the aquafitness, etc. This swimming pool will be completely renovated in 2023. It is very important now to become an excellent naturist client at this beautiful and entertaining place. This activity will not be canceled regardless of the number of registrations received. Sign up and allow this activity to take off. Some will say that Sainte-Julie is far away and that the cost of gas is high, so consider carpooling!

Modification of the fall schedule

Our fall 2022 program has been modified. Given that this fall the offer of naturist activities is very high in the Montreal area, the NCGM has chosen to eliminate certain activities. Thus, the Bowling activity in Laval will ultimately not be offered. The date of the second pool activity in Montérégie was changed to December 17, 2022.


For each activity, the NCGM offers a carpooling service for members who want it. This service is desirable given the considerable distances to be traveled to participate in certain activities, environmental considerations and the high cost of gasoline. Feel free to use this service by registering for an activity. This choice is offered directly on each registration form.


As of November 2, 2022, the number of NCGM members has reached 79 people (55 registrations) and has almost doubled in the last 6 months. We currently have a male to female ratio of 1.93.

AGM 2022

The NCGM is a democratic organization and is governed by Quebec laws regarding non-profit organizations. On November 24, 2022, the first annual general meeting of the NCGM will take place at 8:00 p.m. Only members will receive an invitation by email 2 weeks before the meeting.

To conclude

The priority of the CNGM remains to offer all that was promised to its members: to organize various activities with care, to accept only true naturists in the club and to properly sponsor new participants and participants in the activities. Our goal is to entertain us naturally while respecting the principles of naturism.

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