Gymnasium/Pool Laval

This fun and family activity includes badminton, volleyball, free swimming, lap swimming, deep water diving and aqua fitness session of your choice. This activity is offered on Saturday evening and is preceded by an optional meal in a restaurant located near the location.

Sometimes this activity is offered with only use of the gymnasium or only use of the swimming pool. Please consult the registration form for specific details of the activity offered.

Gymnasium :

The two sports offered are badminton or volleyball depending on demand.

4 badminton courts

1 volleyball court

Pool :

The pool water is warm and comfortable

Social free bath

Swimming corridors available throughout the period

Deep water diving

All the usual equipment (floats, balls, etc.)

Water volleyball during the first hour

Aquafitness session during the last half hour

Background music

Pool layout


When both activities are offered, there is a single price which includes the gymnasium and/or the swimming pool:

Adult 31 years and over: $20 for singles, $36 for couples

Adult 18-30 years old or family: $14 for singles, $24 for couples

When only one activity is offered (gym or swimming pool):

Adult 31 years and over: $18 for singles, $30 for couples

Adult 18-30 years old or family: $12 for singles, $20 for couples

Free for children and young people under 18

Further information:

Registration is requiredClick here to register.

Reception is open 20 minutes before the start of the gym session and 10 minutes before the pool session.

Two showers are available at the pool. There is a sauna available in each locker room (except family locker room).

Three locker rooms are available: a men’s locker room for single men, a women’s locker room for single women and a family locker room exclusively for couples and families. Children and adolescents must always be accompanied by at least one parent or grandparent.

The locker rooms are used in a conventional manner. You must use a towel to cover yourself at all times in the locker rooms. You must go to the gym in normal sports clothes (no bathrobe or strange clothes). When entering the gymnasium, you have to cross a simple tarpaulin. Participants can then go natural and store their sports clothes in a small bag. Nudity in the gymnasium and swimming pool is a well-kept secret throughout the center (of course the authorities there are well informed). At the end of the gym activity, you must put back on sports clothes to go to the locker rooms just like any other user of the premises. It is possible to take a quick shower and head to the pool with a towel around your waist for the swimming activity. Regular customers should not notice the nudity of naturists being covered by their towel before going to the swimming pool.