Newsletter, September 7, 2022

Invitations to naturist centers and fall 2022 program

The NCGM officially began its operations last spring. A first spa activity took place in the Laurentians and was a real success for a first Club activity. Starting in April, two other activities were offered to our members but they were canceled because there were not enough registrations. You have to understand that we were at the end of the season for indoor naturist activities. The latter are no longer popular after April as naturist resorts begin their summer operations.

Our first summer season was an opportunity to create two annual events that we do not define as official Club activities. Rather, they are invitations sent to our members to visit the two major naturist centers in the greater Montreal area, the Oasis and the Pommerie.

A first invitation has been sent to visit the Oasis. A dozen members of the NCGM met at the Oasis at the beginning of July and had the opportunity to participate in the “Beach Party” at the swimming pool with singer percussionist Anthony. We also had the participation of ONNO with the presence of a couple who were visiting the Oasis for the first time. For the end of August, another invitation was sent to visit the Pommerie.

The fall 2022 calendar is now online. The NCGM will have the pleasure of organizing three swims at the famous swimming pool at the Center Aquatique Le Gardeur in Repentigny. Two spa activities in the Laurentians, two swims in Montérégie and two evenings of bowling in Laval are planned. The Sainte-Julie (Montérégie) swimming pool is very entertaining and includes a springboard, water slides, saunas, etc.

The NCGM is trying to create a sports bathing activity that may be suitable for naturists wishing to train with a weekly schedule.

For each activity, the NCGM offers a carpooling service for members who want it. This service is desirable given the considerable distances involved, environmental considerations and the high cost of gasoline.

Now is the time to join the NCGM!

Half-year membership is now officially available at all times. The price of this mid-season membership is half the annual price.

For any new member accepted at the NCGM, it is now possible to pay for their membership in cash when participating in an activity for the first time. From now on, any new member accepted to the NCGM will receive their membership number with the mention “registered member” if an online payment is not received within 7 days of the acceptance email. Membership status changes from “registered member” to “member in good standing” upon payment of dues.

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