Pool Montérégie

This activity is great fun for families. Before this activity, several participants meet in a restaurant (see the registration form). The restaurant is chosen in the days preceding the event.


Consult the NCGM calendar.


Full pool plan

The water in the pool is warm and comfortable.

Social free swim

Swimming corridors available throughout the period

Deep water diving

All the usual equipment (floats, balls, etc.)

Water volleyball during the first hour

Aquafitness session at the second hour

Background music


Adult 31 years & older: 20$ single, 35$ couple

Adult 18-30 years: 14$ single, 24$ couple

Free for children and young people under 18

Further information

Registration is required. Please click here to register.

The reception is be open 30 minutes before the activity. All participants must have left 30 minutes after the end of the activity.

Bring a towel, hat and lock for the locker room. Wearing a swimming cap is mandatory in the pool at all times. We recommend a fabric cap.

Two changing rooms are available. The men’s locker room is accessible to all participants. The women’s locker room is reserved exclusively for couples, families and single women. Children and adolescents must always be accompanied by at least one parent or grandparent.