NCGM Policy on Sexual Harassment


While NCGM does not presume to prohibit mutually accepted, affectionate gestures nor to govern the acts of consenting adults in private:

Sexual harassment has no place in naturism and is not tolerated at NCGM events!

Peace of mind and body for men, women and (especially) children is most important in a clothes-free environment. Naturism should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. NCGM expects its members and guests to treat each another with dignity and respect.

Unacceptable Behaviour

  • persistent staring, stalking or following
  • voyeuristic positioning
  • crowding of personal space
  • masturbation or other sexual acts or displays
  • any aggressive acts or threatening body language
  • unauthorised photography / videography.

Unwelcome Communications

  • any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, solicitations, propositions, gestures, threats, ridicule, innuendo or comments of a crude, racial or sexual nature (especially when directed toward obviously unwilling or underage persons)
  • persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation
  • unsolicited comments about a person’s body or genitalia.

Unpermitted Touching

  • any presumptuous touching of another persons’ body without their consent (including hugs, massages or other familiarities)
  • any intentional touching of a minor without parental consent
  • ANY public fondling of a sexual nature.

How to Deal with an Incident

NCGM members and guests are urged to help maintain our relaxed, family, atmosphere by reacting, in a timely manner, to any situation they feel is unacceptable by the above definitions. If possible, make your disapproval or unease known as soon as possible to the person who offended you, in an attempt to resolve the situation. If the behavior persists or if you are unable to speak with that person, bring it to the attention of a board member. Complaints are responded to and investigated without delay. Confidentiality is always respected.

Sexual harassment, as defined, can result in expulsion, revocation of membership and, where warranted, could lead to criminal prosecution.