Newsletter, March 29, 2024

Dear members and future members of the NCGM, we hope you are having a wonderful winter season. At the NCGM, we note continued progress with the increase in the number of members and activities offered. We sometimes offer one activity per week, trying to diversify the location and type of activity. Our main priorities are: naturist ethics, the quality of the activity offered and accessibility while respecting a certain male/female ratio.

Since the start of the 2023-24 season, we have organized:

  • 9 swimming activities in Repentigny, Laval and Sainte-Julie
  • 4 badminton activities in Laval
  • 2 spa sauna relaxation activities in the Laurentians
  • 4 bowling activities in Laval
  • 1 ONNO invitational activity in Ottawa.

The activity schedule is sometimes modified to accommodate weather conditions, registration rates and the availability of services offered by our suppliers.

The month of April will be very busy because one activity per week will be offered. We’re counting on your participation.

Our activity Pool Montérégie

We have received twice more than thirty people since the start of the 2023-2024 season. The swimming pool is very large and can accommodate almost a hundred people. The place is located at the intersection of highways 20 and 30 and has a large parking lot. Before the activity, there is always a dinner offered at a local restaurant.

This activity is purely family friendly. The Sainte-Julie swimming pool is the largest offered with its 6 lanes. The water there is at a temperature of 32C. There are participants of all ages from young children to elderly people. It is possible to borrow a variety of aquatic accessories including small slides, balls, fins, floats, etc.

For the next activity on April 27, an aqua fitness session will be offered at the start. Then, a volleyball net and a swimming lane will be available. It will be possible to go lap swimming from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and play volleyball with our two large delinquent balls “Grosse Balloune” and “Foot Balloune” from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Throughout the activity, it is possible to socialize in the shallow and deep areas with or without floats, although with the risk of receiving a delinquent ball on the head…

Our activity Gymnasium/Pool Laval

This activity began last fall and was offered in the afternoon. We were not able to get any new rentals in the afternoon. On March 23, this same activity was offered in the evening between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. We had around twenty participants in the gymnasium and swimming pool. It was a real success that we will try to repeat this fall.

Practicing natural sporting activities in a gym is very pleasant. Many people are now discovering the benefits. It’s not just a swimsuit during a swimming activity that is superfluous, but a sweat-filled gym suit is rather unnecessary and even dismissive. Several experienced naturists discover our gym activities.

The swimming activity that follows the gym activity is very pleasant. We install a real net there to play volleyball with a small beach ball. It is possible to take a shower directly at the swimming pool thanks to two open showers located near the pool. The water temperature in the pool is comfortable. You can dive, lap swim, do aqua fitness or simply socialize. We should not forget to mention that the changing rooms include a sauna and are exemplary clean.

Our activity Spa Laurentians

Our last two Spa Laurentides activities on November 18, 2023 and February 24, 2024 attracted 45 and 47 participants. This place of impeccable quality can easily accommodate 100 people. There are still many opportunities to increase the number of participants.

A spa activity is a less steep step to try naturism for the very first time.

Our next activity will take place on April 6. There is still space but all the suites are already rented.

Ratio of men/women in swimming activities

Last year and last fall, we noticed that our swimming activities were not very popular with female customers. It is important to mention that this is in no way a problem for our Spa Laurentides activity which is very popular with couples.

Last December, we offered women free access to all our swimming activities. It is difficult to assess the impact that such an initiative has had, but we have noticed a significant improvement during our recent swimming activities, especially in Sainte-Julie.

From now on, we will rely on rigorous application of our ethical rules to reassure our female customers, allowing them to have better access to our activities.

Ladies if you have any suggestions please let us know. Your involvement will surely make a difference.

The NCGM: a naturist solidarity initiative among several others

The NCGM is very proud to have friendly links with several other naturist organizations, clubs, federations, social media, etc. We have a links page on our website:


The two large naturist centers located in the covered region of our club (La Pommerie Ecological and Naturist Center and Oasis Naturist Center) accept the publication of our naturist activities in their private Facebook groups.

The social media Les Amis Naturistes has also agreed to publish our naturist activities on their forum and their Facebook page.

The NCGM has been a corporate member of the Canadian Federation of Naturists (FCN) since 2021.

To encourage all local, provincial and national naturist initiatives, the NCGM offers a discount of $5 per person per year on its membership rate to all members of the FCN, FQN, and any naturist center.


As of September 1, 2022, we had 52 registered members (38 valid registrations). As of March 29, 2024, we have 252 members registered or in good standing (182 valid registrations). A registered member is a person accepted by the NCGM after having completed the required formalities which include a telephone interview. Each member must be in good standing (have paid their dues) to have the privilege of participating in an activity. We currently have a male/female ratio of 1.80.


For each activity, the NCGM offers a carpooling service for members who wish it. We will continue to tirelessly promote this service. This choice is directly offered when you register for each of our activities. We coordinate transportation from your addresses to maximize service efficiency. Don’t hesitate to use this service.

To conclude

The NCGM still needs your support. Join and register for the activities offered!

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