Newsletter, January 7, 2022

Beginning of NCGM memberships

We wish you a Happy New Year 2022, health and happiness, hoping to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to our latest news published on October 30, 2021, we announced a first activity to take place in December 2021 as well as a general assembly of the first members of the CNGM. These events did not take place for the following reasons: delay in the administrative procedures for starting the Club, lack of means of promotional communication to announce the creation of the new club and finally the restrictive health conditions required to fight against the pandemic of COVID-19. Finally, we will hold an annual general meeting after a full year of the new club’s existence.

Here are the latest developments of the NCGM:

  • The Club became affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Naturism (FCN) on October 2, 2021 as a non-landed naturist club.
  • It was legally registered on November 15, 2021 under the name of “Club naturiste du Grand Montréal / Naturist Club of Greater Montréal”.
  • The first meeting of the Board of Directors took place on December 26, 2021. The first official documents have been adopted (General Regulations, Privacy Policy and Membership Fees).
  • The NCGM bank account was activated on January 7, 2022. New members can finally pay their membership fees.

We are able to accept official memberships with payment by Interac e-Transfers or in cash from January 7, 2022. Since we are already in mid-year, the required contribution will be the one taking effect after January 31 which covers the period between February 1 and August 31:

  • Mid-year membership for FQN/FCN member: $8/single, $10/couple
  • Mid-year membership for non-member of the FQN/FCN: $10/single, $15/couple

To apply for membership in the NCGM:


If you have access to Facebook you can apply for membership in the following group:

The next activities will be officially planned when we have enough registered members who have paid their membership fees and when the sanitary conditions are more favorable. All activities displayed on the calendar are provisional and constitute surveys. The NCGM is in contact with all service providers and will begin operations at the appropriate time.

It is now up to the naturist community of the greater Montreal area to do their part by joining the NCGM and starting to register for the next activities that will be offered in the coming weeks.