Newsletter, November 26, 2023

Dear members and future members of the NCGM, we hope you have a wonderful autumn. At the NCGM, a significant increase in participation in activities was noted. We had 5 online activities without cancellation between October 21 and November 18 and it’s not over because there are still 3 activities left before the holiday season.

Next activity Pool Montérégie

The next one will be our Montérégie Swimming Pool activity (Sainte-Julie) on December 2. This pool is the largest offered, there are 6 lanes. The water there is at a temperature of 32C just like that of Repentigny. There is social swimming, lap swimming, diving, water volleyball, aqua fitness, etc. Several most entertaining aquatic accessories will be available (fins, floats, balloons, etc.). The activity is preceded by an optional dinner in a nearby restaurant.

We particularly encourage this swimming pool because it is large, accessible, will soon be completely renovated and we are welcome there.

New activity Gymasium/Pool Laval

This activity began on November 11 with around twenty participants. Finally, we have regular gym/swimming pool activity. Practicing natural sporting activities in a gym is very pleasant. Many people are now discovering the benefits. It’s not just a swimsuit during a swimming activity that is superfluous, but a sweat-filled gym suit is rather unnecessary and even dismissive. Several long-time naturists are now discovering it thanks to this new activity.

The swimming activity that follows the gym activity is very relaxing. It is possible to take a shower directly at the pool thanks to two open showers located near the pool. The water temperature in the pool is very warm. You can dive, lap swim, do aqua fitness or simply socialize. We should not forget to mention that the locker rooms include a sauna and are remarkably clean.

Our latest Spa Laurentians activity

Our last Spa Laurentides activity on November 18, 2023 was once again a great success with the participation of 45 participants. This time all the baths were available. This place of impeccable quality can easily accommodate 100 people. There are still many opportunities to increase the number of participants.

A spa activity is a less steep step to try naturism for the very first time.

We plan to organize at least 2 other Spa Laurentides activities this winter. Watch our calendar for upcoming dates.

Ratio of men/women in swimming activities

We have noticed that our swimming activities are not yet very popular with female members. It is important to mention that this is in no way a problem for the Spa Laurentides activities which is very popular with couples.

We are looking for solutions to increase the participation rate of couples in swimming activities. We are not interested in using methods that restrict access to activities to certain types of participants (e.g. single men). In addition, we need to maximize the number of participants to make the activities profitable. To follow up on several suggestions from our members, we have decided to temporarily offer free access to women members of the NCGM to swimming activities.

Please note that this offer only applies to Gymnasium/Pool Laval, Pool Repentigny and Pool Montérégie activities until the end of 2023. A male/female member couple only pays the amount for a single man. It is possible that this offer will be extended for the winter 2024 season.

Application for corporate membership with the Fédération québécoise de naturisme (FQN)

The NCGM applied for corporate membership to the Fédération québécoise de naturisme (FQN) on September 18. For the moment, the NCGM has not received any positive response from the FQN. A negotiation had been started without producing results. Despite this, the NCGM grants any member of the FQN or the FCN a reduction of $5 per person per year on their NCGM membership rate. The NCGM has already been a corporate member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) since 2021.


As of September 1, 2022, we had 52 registered members (38 valid registrations). As of November 26, 2023, we have 190 members registered or in good standing (138 valid registrations). A registered member is a person accepted by the NCGM after having completed the required formalities which include a telephone interview. Each member must be in good standing (have paid their dues) to have the privilege of participating in an activity. We currently have a male/female ratio of 1.91.


For each activity, the NCGM offers a carpooling service for members who wish it. We will continue to tirelessly promote this service. This choice is directly offered when you register for each of our activities. We coordinate transportation from your addresses to maximize service efficiency. Don’t hesitate to use this service.

To conclude

The NCGM still needs your support. Join and register for the activities offered!

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