Newsletter, February 6, 2022

First NCGM activities

The NCGM now has activities announced on its calendar. The major problem now is to find means of communication to join the naturist community. If you are an experienced naturist, we encourage you to contact your friends to encourage them to join our new club.

The speed of starting our club will be dictated by the following factors:

  • Number of eligible members: We need a reasonable number of members.
  • Membership Male to Female Ratio: Several single male memberships are currently on a waiting list. Couples must now join the NCGM otherwise the club will delay its start. We know from experience that naturist activities with a bad male/female ratio are not popular and are not profitable in the long term.
  • Performance of our promotional media: We now have agreements with several naturist social media to allow us to publish our activities.

Here are the latest NCGM developments:

  • Full memberships with payment by Interac have started successfully. The operation is very simple.
  • The Club now has its Facebook page in addition to its Facebook group. We encourage you to make them known to your naturist friends.
  • Our first two activities are announced: Spa in the Laurentians and Pool in Montérégie. Now is the time to register in advance so that we can confirm the dates with our service providers.

We remind you that since we are already halfway through the year, the required contribution is the one taking effect after January 31, which covers the period between February 1 and August 31:

  • Mid-year membership for FQN/FCN member (proof required): $8/single, $10/couple
  • Mid-year membership for non-FQN/FCN members: $10/single, $15/couple

If you have already provisionally joined the NCGM, you are required to make your payment as soon as possible to allow you to register for the activities offered.

To apply for NCGM membership:


If you have access to Facebook you can apply to join the NCGM group:

Facebook Group

Follow us on our new Facebook page:

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