Gymnasium Laval

This activity is usually followed by dinner in a restaurant (see registration form). Please consult the CNGM calendar.

Gymnasium (16h00 à 17h30) :

The two sports offered are badminton and/or volleyball depending on demand. Currently there are enough requests to offer badminton for at least the first hour.

4 badminton courts (for one or two hours)

1 volleyball court the second hour (according to demand)


Adult 31 years & older: 20$ single, 35$ couple

Adult 18-30 years: 14$ single, 25$ couple

Free for children and teenagers

Further information

Registration is requiredCliquer ici pour vous inscrire.

The reception will be open only from 15h45 to 16h00. No one will be admitted after 16h00. The doors will be locked and the reception will be closed.

Changing rooms will be used in a conventional manner. You need to bring a towel into the gymnasium to sit on as needed with a single orientation for the orientation of the towel. You have to go to the gym with normal sports clothes (no bathrobe or strange clothes). Upon entering the gym, you need to walk through a simple tarp. You can then go natural and store your sports clothes in a small bag. Our nudity in the gymnasium is a well-kept secret throughout the center (of course the authorities of the places are well informed). At the end of the activity, you must put your sports clothes back on to go to the changing rooms just like any other user of the premises. All must have left by 18h00.